Ashcatcher | Black Leaf | 14,5 mm

Ashcatcher | Black Leaf  | 14,5 mm

Ashcatcher | Black Leaf | 14,5 mm


The Black Leaf Ashcatcher 14,5 mm is mounted between the bowl and the downtube, this ashcatcher ensures that less ash residues end up in your bong and your bong will be less dirty after all.
Because the bong is less dirty, you eventually have to brush less often !
At the bottom of the Ashcatcher there's a PU cap that you can easily take out to clean the Ashcatcher.
The ends are modified with a matte coating for extra grip, which will hold the Ashcatcher itself firmly in the bong and will not easily come out without any moving around force.
Black Leaf Ashcatcher 14,5 mm fits most bongs and if it doesn't fit your bong  you'll surely find another one in our category Glass Percolators under Bongshop.

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