Belton Molotow Spray Paint | Stash

Out Of Stock Belton Molotow Spray Paint | Stash

Belton Molotow Spray Paint | Stash

Description Belton Molotow Stash

The storage of your stock is important in order to keep it fresh, but also in some countries, in order to keep it out of sight.
Camouflaged stocks when you are traveling (or to ensure that your roommates can not get to).

With this unique Stash Can by Molotov nobody will ever think that you have something to hide. Whether it comes to money, herb, weed or other secret items: no one will ever suspect.
Stash Can Take on a journey or in the street, it's convenient enough to carry with you and big enough inside to be able to spend much. Try it yourself and see how good are these Stash Cans.

Specification Belton Molotow Stash

  • Stashcan
  • Stylish storage without anyone finds out
  • Portable
  • A lot of space
  • Unrecognizable
  • Available in various types, sizes and brands

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