Bong Cleaners

Bong Cleaners

What are Bong Cleaners

Bong Cleaners are available in many sizes and substances, for example we sell the ready to use cleaners, but also in powder form.
You can use the cleaners to clean your bong/vase from the in and outside. Just pour some water to it and watch the cleaner do it's work for several minutes. 
After the cleaning process it might be needed to rinse the bong or vase with some water just to make sure that there are no cleaning acids left behind in your bong.

How to use the Bong Cleaners

We offer different Bong Cleaners, but most cleaners work as following:

  • Firstly rinse the bong with some clean hot water
  • Pour the Bong Cleaner in the bong , dosage as described on the cleaner bottle
  • Let it clean all the dirt inside
  • Rinse the bong with some freshly hot water and use the cleaner twice if necessary

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Bong cleaner| thcleaner | 500 ml Out Of Stock

Bong cleaner| thcleaner | 500 ml

DescriptionTHCleaner is a powerful and advanced cleaner for bongs, pipes and vaporizers.Features: En..

Ex Tax: 12.36€
Higher Standard ISO dot wipes |Box | 30pcs Out Of Stock

Higher Standard ISO dot wipes |Box | 30pcs

Box with 30 individually wrapped point towels from Higher Standards.This contains 70% Isopropyl alco..

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Higher standard salt rox | bongcleaner Out Of Stock

Higher standard salt rox | bongcleaner

Ground salt pellets from Higher standard are perfect for cleaning your bong or accessories.In combin..

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