Bong Cleaning Brushes

Bong Cleaning Brushes

What are Bong Cleaning Brushes for

Bong Cleaning Brushes are made for simply cleaning your bongs and other parts of your daily used bong/ vaporizer.
They come in various sizes and are made of hard PU Plastic and a cloth like substance.
The hard PU Plastic part is for softly "scratching" off all the filth in your bong, while the soft cloth like substance ensures that no filth will be left in your bong when you pull the brush out.
Instead of cleaning your bong with the brush you can use the brush for multiple purposes like cleaning your vases, toilet, vaporizer parts or other glass objects.

Why you should buy these Cleaning Brushes

The Cleaning Brushes we sell are made of bendable aluminium, so they wont break of you are going to cram it in your bong while reaching for every dirty corner.
At the bottom of the brushes there's also a hole to hang your favorite brush against the wall so you won't lose it.
And the best of all, you can easily wash be brushes with water and soap to make then clean good again, just as a new one !

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