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Glass Chillums

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We offer you different Glass chillums. Glass chillums are a vital part of a bong, without it you won't be able to use your favorite bong anymore. Nowadays glass chillums are available in different styles and shapes.
Glass chillums now have diffused downstems to filter the smoke even more from ashes and keeping it cool. Always make sure that the Glass chillums you buy will fit your bong. At the market there are Glass Chillums available with a diameter of 14.4 , 18,8 and some bongs have a diameter of 29 mm. So please make sure you have got the right size. Most Chillums vary between 6 cm and  14 cm, this is the length between the bowl and the bottom of your bong. So don't buy a Chillum that is too long because these won't fit your bong.

Using Glass Chillums

Glass Chillums are used for smoking your herbs. Just simply grind some herbs so it will fit in the bowl and then lit a fire. Hold the fire against the herbs and take a good toke. Enjoy !
If your Bowl gets dirty after a few smoking sessions then we also have the right equipment to clean both your Bowl and Bong:  Brushes & Bong Cleaner.

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System Chillum 18,8

DescriptionGlass chillum witth a 18,8 mm section and a 14,5 mm section for the bowl. Fits in all gla..

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