Select your Various parts

Sometimes you don't actually know what to get more when you are buying your brand new bong. Well we would like to help you with that, We offer multiple kind of various parts for your bong.
If you need any spare parts then you are in the right category, we have selected the finest parts for you to make sure you could smoke on all day long !
From Pipe ScreensBong Caps and Rubber Conicals  to female adapters we have it all ! We also sell BongClips to keep your parts together, very comfortable when you move you bong very often.
some Various parts might be hard to get at other shops, but we sell them for a very small price, the only thing you need to do is order them whenever you need it.
Make sure you will also check out our PocketWick, a cool accessorize for burning your herbs on a biological way.

If you are searching for new spare parts then don't hesitate any longer and order them now at out online shop !

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BongClip ® | SG 24mm

DescriptionSubtle, bendable metal that’s still sturdy enough to hold everything together. What mor..

Ex Tax: 3.72€

Plastic Base Black Ø 50.8 mm / 2 Inch

DescriptionLarge 50.8 mm replacement base for your bong, because they are not always stable enough. ..

Ex Tax: 2.07€