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Glass Percolators

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In our new category Glass Percolators you will find some of the finest percolators available on the market against fair prices. 
We offer you the finest Percolators, Precoolers and Ashcatchers from different hight quality brands like Black Leaf, Grace Glass and Pure Glass.
Precoolers, Percolators and ashcatchers are available in different sizes and colors, the most common Sure Ground sizes are  14,5 mm and 18,8 mm.
Most people also use abbreviations like 14 mm and 18 mm so don't be scared to think we offer you the wrong sizes, you could always send them back to swap sizes.

Why use a Percolator

A Percolator can be used in many ways and on many kinds of bongs you own. For example: fill the Percolator with water and simply place the Percolator in the bongs Sure Ground, place your bowl on top of the Percolator and fill it up with some nice herbs.
It cools the smoke extra good so it won't scratch your throat. Lit the fire and start smoking today with your new Grace Glass, Pure Glass or Black Leaf Percolator from our online web shop.

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Ashcatcher | Black Leaf | 14,5 mm

DescriptionThe Black Leaf Ashcatcher 14,5 mm is mounted between the bowl and the downtube, this ashc..


Blaze Glass M&M Tube with cooling spiral | Blue

This bong tube from the 'Blaze Glass' Mix & Match (M&M) Series is made from 5mm thick borosi..


Blaze Glass' 'M&M Series' Cooling Spiral Black

Blaze Glass 'M&M' Bong Tube with Black Pre-Filled-Cooling Spiral SG 45This product is part of th..


GG Precooler 1 X 12 Slot Slit Diffuser

DescriptionThe best thing about this precooler is how the design of it keeps your ash out of your bo..


GG Slit Hole Removable Perc

DescriptionThis Grace Glass Shower Head of 38mm diameter along with a sure ground of 14.5mm diameter..


Pre-Cooler | 4 Arm |Grace glass | Blue | Ø 14.4mm

DescriptionThis Blue Grace Glass Precooler is a unique smoking accessory for your bong!It is used as..


Pre-Cooler | 4 Arm |Grace glass | blue | Ø 18,8 mm

DescriptionHolding this GG precooler in your hand is indescribable. The craftsmanship is simply asto..

Pre-Cooler | 4 Arm |Grace glass | green | Ø 14mm -33%

Pre-Cooler | 4 Arm |Grace glass | green | Ø 14mm

DescriptionAll of GG’s stuff is really cool. This precooler has been tried on lots of different bo..

29.95€ 19.95€

Pre-Cooler | 4 Arm |Grace glass | Ø 14.4mm

DescriptionThisGreenGrace Glass Precooler is a unique smoking accessory for your bong!It is used as ..


Pre-Cooler | 4 Arm |Grace glass | Ø 18.8mm

DescriptionThis Grace Glass Precooler is a unique smoking accessory for your bong! It is used as an ..


Pre-Cooler | blue skull |Grace glass | Ø 14.4mm

DescriptionThis Skull Grace Glass Precooler is a blue colored handheld smoking accessory that will o..


Pre-Cooler | Honeycomb |Grace glass | green | Ø 18,8 mm

DescriptionThis Green Grace Glass Precooler is a helpful accessory for your bong.It is made of a sol..


Pre-Cooler | Spiral | blue | Ø 14mm

DescriptionWhat a beauty, you haven’t seen too many precooler that look like this. You will love s..


Pre-Cooler | spiral |Grace glass | Ø 14.5mm

DescriptionThisUmberGrace Glass Precooler is a unique smoking accessory for your bong!It is used as ..