Mix & Match Bongs

Mix & Match Bongs

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Not happy with the bongs on the market? Need that special bong just for your needs? Try our mix and match bongs. Create your own personally styled bong and mix and match it so that it becomes your very own personal bong.
The mix and match bongs category contains lots of parts to build that unique bong nobody has in stock. Mix and match bongs are gaining much popularity nowadays because of their customizing nature.
For example compose your own bong by buying your Percolator, Water Chamber and glass bowl right here at our online shop. All parts are made from the same quality glass and are definitely worth the money !
Don't forget to order the additional Bong Clips with your Mix & Match parts, these clips will hold your bong firmly together so the parts won't come off while moving your bong.

Easy way to clean your bong

Mix & Match parts are easy to clean because you can take it all apart, push your brush in every corner and place every part separately in a bucket with some Bong Cleaner.
If you are satisfied with the results, wipe the parts dry and put your bong back together, or change some parts of it to create a brand new bong. Every bong made with the Mix & Match parts is unique !

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