Deluxe Pollen Press 3,5"/ 8,89 cm

Deluxe Pollen Press 3,5"/ 8,89 cm

Deluxe Pollen Press 3,5"/ 8,89 cm


Deluxe Pollen Press

The Deluxe Pollen Press Sharp Stone is made of anodised aluminum used in aircraft engineering.
This allows the so-called "Pollen" (or the smallest remnants of weed) pressed together and all the air removed from between them.
Then it remains "slice" still sit a while in the press to cure and after this process there remains a nice round disk called hash over.


The Pollen Press is available in the following sizes:

  • 3.5 inch = 8.89 cm
  • 5.3 inch = 13.46 cm
  • 6.2 inch = 15.75 cm


The Deluxe Pollen Press From Sharp Stone is one of the cheaper options available on the market, and also for the price definitely recommended.
Use this Pollen Press once and you'll want nothing else anymore, this beauty is real made from quality that you will not find in this price range.

Additional Info

Just put your pollen or herbs that you want to compress into the Pollen Press and give it a tight turn.

Makes super handy hash discs !


  • Wear-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • No deformation of the material
  • Very precise fit
  • Tasteless and food safe

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