Elements Cone Roller 110mm

Out Of Stock Elements Cone Roller 110mm

Elements Cone Roller 110mm


If you are seriously looking for a machine that rolls your cone for you then why not buy a Elements Cone Roller 110mm. 
These cone rollers are made from a high quality acrylic which are extremely strong and durable, the Elements cone roller won't break easily and you can take it everywhere you want to ! 
The superior vinyl sleeve has the words 'cone roller' enblazed onto the vinyl, just so you don't get confused between a cone rolling machine and Elements standard rollers. 
The Elements Cone Roller 110mm is the ideal cone making device, producing perfect cones of 110mm in length, and you can put a tip in your cone as well before you roll it. 
Pre-rolled cones can be bought everywhere in various shapes and sizes, but rolling your cone with your preferred papers is much more satisfying.
Not as quick but it keeps your hands busy while you are contemplating what 'others' are doing in the universe. Elements Cone Roller 110mm is just the cone roller machine for you.


  • Elements Cone Roller 110mm
  • Fits both Kingsize & slim fit papers
  • 11 cm length
  • Made of high quality acrylic
  • A unique collector's item
  • Made in Germany

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