All hand pipes

All hand pipes

All hand pipes for all users

All hand pipes we offer you are from high quality glass, aluminium, wood and metal. You can use these pipes only for one purpose: Smoking your buds !
Check out our wonderful collection of pipes and suit yourself with a masterpiece you have never had, because these glass pipes are sweet as hell.
The designs are unique because they are all hand made and that is why each pipe is different than all other pipes.

Smoking a hand pipe can be very relaxed, most smokers even recommend to always smoke by a hand pipe because these are easier to carry with you when you are going on a trip.
Metal pipes are very popular because of their beautiful colors, cool features and their durability.
Therefore we have selected the finest hand pipes for you and put them all together in one category to give you a simple and quick look.

Wooden hand pipes

Don't forget to check out our wooden hand pipes also, they give you a natural feeling when smoking through the wood and come against affordable prices !
Buy All hand pipes at our shop today and enjoy smoking.

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Cannabis Smoking Pipe | ebony | 155mm

DescriptionNicely shaped bowl lets you pack a good amount of tobacco in there. The smell of the toba..

Ex Tax: 5.74€

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | ebony | 220mm

DescriptionThis long pipe is great for leisurely smoking—you don’t get a huge amount of smoke in you..

Ex Tax: 8.68€

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | ebony | 90mm

DescriptionCheck out the shape of this pipe! It’s a real beauty. You will love the sleek, bulbous co..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | ebony | 90mm

DescriptionThis is a gorgeous pipe made of high-quality wood. Fill it with supreme quality tobacco a..

Ex Tax: 3.72€

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | rosewood | 200mm

DescriptionThe beautiful ornaments on this pipe round-up this master piece of equipment. Wheter for ..

Ex Tax: 5.74€
Cannabis Smoking Pipe | rosewood | 80mm Out Of Stock

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | rosewood | 80mm

DescriptionThis rosewood pipe is truly beautiful, with a rich luster and a faintly sweet, nutty smel..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | rosewood | 90mm

DescriptionThe detailing of this Rosewood Pipe is simply amazing. All the little knobs and wooden ri..

Ex Tax: 2.44€

Cannabis Smoking Pipe | wood | Colored | 105mm

DescriptionMade of laminated hardwood in superior quality. The lamination on the wood makes it easy ..

Ex Tax: 18.14€

Chillum | Glass | White | Black leaf | 150mm

DescriptionI learned that the chillums originate from India and have been around for 100s of years. ..

Ex Tax: 10.33€

Chillum | Glass | White | Black leaf | 230mm

DescriptionThis heavy-duty & robust glass Chillium from 'Black Leaf' comes complete with a clear gla..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

GG Bubbler 12 Slot Slit Diffuser

Description30 cm is a great height for a bubbler. Not only that, this one is beautiful. overall a hi..

Ex Tax: 44.59€

GG Bubbler 12 Slot Slit Diffuser

DescriptionWorks perfectly, just like everything else GG makes. with a 12 slot diffuser to make your..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

GG Bubbler 1X8 Arm & Shower

DescriptionAnother great product from Grace Glass.Gives you a nice cool smoke with a cool shower eff..

Ex Tax: 37.15€

Glass Shotgun Pipe

DescriptionThis beautiful, partially sandblasted pipe from Black Leaf is a great item for pure smoke..

Ex Tax: 7.40€

Glass Shotgun Pipe

DescriptionThis is a Black Leaf Glass Shotgun Pipe with a golden 'Black Leaf' logo and black decorat..

Ex Tax: 7.85€