Colored Glass Pipes

Colored Glass Pipes

Colored Glass Pipes

Colored Glass Pipes are very cool to smoke with, therefore we offer these in multiple sizes and colors so you will definitely find a Colored Glass Pipe that fits your needs.
Some pipes even can be filled up with water to cool the smoke a little bit extra. The Glass Pipes are hand made and are made of some real sturdy glass that wont break easily after accidentally dropping it on the table.
The Pipes can be cleaned easily by pouring some hot water into the pipe and adding some Bong Cleaner, give it a good scrub and you are ready to smoke again !

Buy all your Colored Glass Pipes from our online shop today and enjoy your new pipes as soon as you have received them.

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Pipe Glass Assorted Out Of Stock

Pipe Glass Assorted

DescriptionSmall and handy pipe with a unique design. Nice running ribbons and various color pattern..

Ex Tax: 5.74€
Pipe Glass Caterpillar Sherlock Out Of Stock

Pipe Glass Caterpillar Sherlock

DescriptionA handmade glass pipe Sherlock clearly inspired by the caterpillar. Beautiful colors and ..

Ex Tax: 14.83€

Pipe Glass Cosmic Gate

DescriptionWith this beautiful Cosmic Gate pipe from Red Eye you travel to the far end of ..

Ex Tax: 23.93€

Pipe Glass Funky Mushroom

DescriptionThe Funky Mushroom pipe fits easily in your pocket! It's a funky pipe with a slightly cur..

Ex Tax: 16.49€
Pipe Glass Polka Out Of Stock

Pipe Glass Polka

DescriptionGlass pipe of 7.5 cm with blue and red dots as decoration around the nozzle and pipe head..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Pipe Glass Stand Up Mushroom

DescriptionVery small but handy pipe with a mushroom head asnozzle. With flattened bottom, it is eas..

Ex Tax: 28.88€
Red Eye One Hitter Out Of Stock

Red Eye One Hitter

DescriptionGlass one-hitter pipe from the Canadian brand Red Eye. This pipe has a pinched nozzle and..

Ex Tax: 7.40€

Senor Sherlock Holmes pipe 13cm

DescriptionSmoking will never be the same with this Sherlock homes pipe. Get the laughs from your fr..

Ex Tax: 20.62€