Glass Hand Pipes

Glass Hand Pipes

Buy glass pipes online

If you are looking to buy glass pipes online in our webshop, you are in the right place. We offer numerous glass pipes in any shape or color. A glass pipe is a nice product to smoke your favorite herb. Its popular because of its ability of smoking herbs with a pure flavorful taste. Its a handy device to take with you on the go and insures that you can enjoy your herb anytime and everywhere without smoking papers. You don't use tobacco in a glass pipe. Simply place a screen into the bowl and add for example grinded up cannabis into it. In this manner you will receive a powerful "hit" of smoke. 
​We also offer glass pipes for smoking BHO. BHO is a very powerful potent cannabis extract. If you are interested in BHO check out our dabshop category. 

Shapes, colors and sizes of glass pipes

There are numerous different glass pipes in our range. From simple plain glass pipes to flashy design pieces. Some glass pipes have percolators integrated in them to cool down the smoke. In this way you have a nice small pipe which you can take with you on the go instead of a large bong with percolator. Glass pipes are easy to clean with a bong solution and brush. 
Buy glass pipes online in our category and we will ship your glass pipe discreet and world wide. 

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Handpipe glass frosted black "scary Face"

Descriptionjust an ordinary glass handpipe to smoke your bud !Additional InfoSpecification Handpip..

Ex Tax: 20.62€

Shotgun Pipe 15cm

DescriptionThis pipe is huge— perfect for when you really want to get high. The bowl packs a lot of ..

Ex Tax: 4.55€