Cones Papers

Cones Papers

Cones Papers prerolled joints

Cones Papers are actually prerolled joints, but without the weed and tobacco in it. These cones come whit a handy tool which is very helpful while filling your cones with weed.
The Cones Papers are made from cigarette paper and has an filter tip at the end of the cone to make sure your tobacco or weed won't end up in your mouth while smoking it.
Cones Papers are available at our web shop in different packages, we sell: 1 pc1 pcs12 pcs32 pcs64 pcs, and 1.000 pcs in a box.
Also be sure to check out our Joint Maker, this handy tool helps you to fill up your cones in just a few seconds, the only thing you need to do is putting some cones in there and to smoke them.

Raw Cone Filler

The Raw Cone Filler is specially made for the RAW Cones you can buy at our web shop. There is a small stick in the Cone Filler to help you make the joint extra tight.
Buy your supplies today at our online shop and start smoking your Cones Papers right away.

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Raw Pre-Rolled Cones

DescriptionThese cones are so perfect and totally all natural— made of unbleached, translucent light..

Ex Tax: 1.24€

Executive Branch King Size 3 x Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones

Description3 cones for such a small price? Get out of town! These guys are amazing and so inexpensiv..

Ex Tax: 0.83€

Snoop Dogg cones kingsize

DescriptionSnoop Dogg Cones, unbleached pre-rolled regular papers in king size! If anyone knows what..

Ex Tax: 1.61€

Snoop Dogg Cones Small

DescriptionSnoop Dogg Cones, unbleached pre-rolled regular papers! This beauties are not only visall..

Ex Tax: 1.24€