Rolls Rolling Papers

Rolls Rolling Papers

Rolls Rolling Papers

Yeah, we proudly present our new category Rolls Rolling Papers. In this category you will find a numerous of packages that contains a single sheet rolling paper.
The brand contains the following lengths of paper:
Juicy Jay's: 5 Meters
Smoking Paper: 4 Meters
RAW Rolls: Available in 3 Meters and 5 Meters
RS Rolls: 4 Meters

Easy to roll and great to smoke

The Rolls packages are a great hit nowadays. You decide how long your paper needs to be (Blunt, joint or party size) and you will get the desired length.
Take your paper with the adhesive edge up and put your tobacco or weed in it. Roll it up, Smoke it up and hit it !
Buy your Rolls Rolling Papers online and roll your own king size cones

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Smoking Gold rolls Large

DescriptionThese roles are extremely slim and made ??from the finest flax and natural gum arabic .Ad..

Ex Tax: 2.07€

RAW rolls

DescriptionRAW natural rolling papers are made ??of transparent light brown hemp paper and hemp -bas..

Ex Tax: 2.07€

RAW rolls | Box 12 Pcs

Description RAW Rolls BoxRAW Natural papers are made of translucent light brown hemp paper, hemp-bas..

Ex Tax: 18.60€

Cannabis Rolls | 5 Meter

Description Cannabis RollsCannabis Rolling papers with the real flavor of Cannabis ! These pape..

Ex Tax: 1.61€