Smoking Papers

Smoking Papers

Smoking rolling Papers

Smoking gives you a wide variety of papers on today's market, it is currently one of the leading brands on the market. It is also one of the main Spanish exporters, with a presence on five continents and more than 90 countries around the world.
More than three-quarters of the annual production is exported and distributed internationally with a brand of leadership.

Smoking Papers is focused on innovation and continuous improvement that you are able to enjoy your joints better. Each paper consists of natural paper and is intended for rolling a blunt, cone, Joint etc.
Because we regularly review new products we keep our web shop up to date, and to develop this you are always assured of the best flow available from our web shop.

Using Smoking Papers

Smoking Papers aren't a pain in the ass to use, each paper has a unique design that ensures you of a smooth roll again and again.
Don't wait buying your Smoking Papers, we have all our available papers in stock so we ship right away. Make sure to buy some extra to ensure yourself from running out of Smoking Papers

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Smoking papers K.S Red BOX

DescriptionSlow burning papers that don’t give off a lot of smoke. How annoying is it when you roll ..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

Smoking papers Silver BOX

DescriptionUnique rolling papersfrom the best manufacturer in the world, they don’t tear easily, no..

Ex Tax: 24.75€

Smoking rolls Master

DescriptionThese roles are extremely slim and made from the finest flax and natural arabic gum.Addit..

Ex Tax: 1.65€

Smoking Gold rolls Large

DescriptionThese roles are extremely slim and made ??from the finest flax and natural gum arabic .Ad..

Ex Tax: 2.07€