Hand Scales 0,01 gram

Hand Scales 0,01 gram

Hand Scales 0,01 gram

Hand Scales 0,01 gram are there for you when you need to measure a weight of something on extremely exact numbers, all weighing scales we offer you below are high quality build and even do come with warranty !
The scales are employable for different features and always does its job very precisely, so you don't need to worry about some scale having a little deviation. 
You see directly how much weight you have on your scale so there is no waiting time before it shows you the exact weight. Just put your favorite Herbs, tobacco etc on the weighing scale and check out what you have got.
Furthermore are all our hand scales compact enough take take them with you everywhere you go. Put them in your bag of pocket and you won't even notice the hand scale is there.

Using your Hand Scale

The Hand Scales are very simple to use, open the scale and push the "on" button. Now the Scale puts itself in "0.00" and is ready to use. Put your herbs on the scale and you will see directly how much it weighs.
Don't waste your time any longer by guessing how much you put in a bag. These Hand Scales are very inexpensive and do their jobs very well.

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Myco Digital Pocket Scale MZ-100 | 100 x 0.01 g.

DescriptionPortable scale that you can take with you everywhere. very accurate, and with features li..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Proscale 111 Snake eyes | 111x 0,01

DescriptionA pad that stops vibrations, what will get you an accurate reading., that's what makes th..

Ex Tax: 14.46€

Triton T3 400x0,01

DescriptionThe MyWeigh Triton T3 400-gram digital pocked scale is a tough scale! Its unique design f..

Ex Tax: 24.79€

My Weigh Durascale D2 300 | 300 x 0,01 gr

DescriptionMyWeigh Durascale D2 300 MyWeigh once again proves it's self a leader in the arena of poc..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

My Weigh Mxt Scale 100 | 100 x 0,01 gr

DescriptionMyWeigh MXT 100 Digital Scale with 100g Capacity Not only is the MyWeigh MXT digital scal..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

Pro Scale Mp3 Player 100 | 0,1 x 100 gr

DescriptionThis simple scale packs a punch! This digital scale's modern design was inspired by the ..

Ex Tax: 24.75€
Pro-scale LCS 100 | 100x0,01 gr Out Of Stock

Pro-scale LCS 100 | 100x0,01 gr

DescriptionThe ProScale LCS100 Digital Pocket Scale is super accurate and great for weighing your go..

Ex Tax: 19.79€

Pro-scale mouse | 100x0,01

DescriptionWhat a fantastic idea: an optical mouse (with USB), a scale, and a stash box – all in one..

Ex Tax: 27.69€
Scale On Balance - Can 100 x 0.01 g Out Of Stock

Scale On Balance - Can 100 x 0.01 g

DescriptionThe ultimate scale! Disguised as a can of energy drink you are inconspicuous when you tak..

Ex Tax: 18.60€

Scale On Balance - DT-300 Touch 300 x 0.01 g

DescriptionThis professional digital scale is extremely accurate and can be controlled via an LCD to..

Ex Tax: 27.27€
Scale On Balance DJ-100 Mini (100 x 0.01 g) Out Of Stock

Scale On Balance DJ-100 Mini (100 x 0.01 g)

DescriptionThis small scale is just as easy like he is portable.This little guy weighs accurately fr..

Ex Tax: 12.36€

Triton T2 200x0,01

DescriptionNice ribbed design prevents from dropping it. It reads in 0.1 gram increments for a very ..

Ex Tax: 20.66€