Hand Scales 0,1 gram

Hand Scales 0,1 gram

Hand Scales 0,1 gram

Hand Scales 0,1 gram, in all sizes and all capacities. We offer high quality hand scales to help you not getting in trouble when weighing something..
You can use the scale for multiple proposes like weighing your favorite herbs, baking soda, sugar or if you want to check how much you have bought of something else. These Hand Scales are ideal to bring with you wherever you go.
Each Hand Scale comes in a sturdy box that can handle some pressure, so don't worry about that. These Scales are so compact you could literally put them in your back pocket and still not noticing you are sitting on it.
In this 0,1 Gram category we offer you diverse scales from different brands like: Triton Scales, Pro ScalesPro Scales, Scale On Balance and Scale Dalman.
Also we sell multiple articles and spare parts that fits your scales like Batteries, Weights, Cups and Bowls. See all of the Scale parts in the category Scale Parts.

How to use a Hand Scale

Using a Hand scale is very easy, put your bowl or cup on the scale and push the "On" button. Now the scale is starting up and puts itself into "0.00" position.
Put your products on the scale and see for yourself how much you have put on the scale.

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On Balance Mini Table Top Digital Pocket Scale MTT-500 | 500 x 0.1 g. Out Of Stock

On Balance Mini Table Top Digital Pocket Scale MTT-500 | 500 x 0.1 g.

DescriptionWeigh your items in grams (g), ounces (oz), grains (gn) or pennyweight (dwt) at 0.1g accu..

Ex Tax: 18.60€

Pro scale 300 | 0,1- 300 gr.

DescriptionThe ProScale LC300 Digital Scale can weigh up to 300g to the tenth of a gram (0.1g). This..

Ex Tax: 16.49€
Pro-Scale PX 650| 650x0,1 Out Of Stock

Pro-Scale PX 650| 650x0,1

DescriptionNice scale for weighting your stuff, has an maximum capacity of 650 grams and has 3 rubbe..

Ex Tax: 19.79€

Proscale 555 Johnny 555 x 0,1

DescriptionThis scale is not only very easy to read, but also for a model of this size, a o.1 gram r..

Ex Tax: 12.81€

Proscale Promouse 500x0,1

Descriptionlooks like a USB mouse but wieghs like a scale !So discrete fully functional and very acc..

Ex Tax: 24.38€

Triton T2 120x0,1

DescriptionNice ribbed design prevents from dropping it. It reads in 0.1 gram increments for a very ..

Ex Tax: 19.42€
Triton T2 550x0,1 -14%

Triton T2 550x0,1

DescriptionEasy to use Trition T2 550 x 0,1 scale, very handy and with manual on the go ! (on the in..

28.50€ 24.50€
Ex Tax: 20.25€

Triton T3 660x0,1

DescriptionThe MyWeigh Triton T3 400-gram digital pocked scale is a tough scale! Its unique design f..

Ex Tax: 24.79€

My Weigh Durascale D2 660 | 660 x 0,1 gr

DescriptionMyWeigh's new D2-660 has a 660 gram weighing capacity and increments in 0.1 gram division..

Ex Tax: 33.02€

Pro Scale Player 500 | 0,1 x 500gr

DescriptionProscale 500 Player. This scale has been designed to look like the latest version of an M..

Ex Tax: 20.62€

Pro Scale Spoon | 0,1 x 300 gr

DescriptionThis spoon scale is ideal for measuring small quantities such as salt and yeast with accu..

Ex Tax: 26.86€

Scale On Balance - Can (500 x 0.1 g)

DescriptionThe ultimate scale! Disguised as a can of energy drink you are inconspicuous when you tak..

Ex Tax: 18.97€

Scale On Balance - Champion 500 x 0.1 g

DescriptionDo you want to be as accurate as a true professional can weigh? Then this small and handy..

Ex Tax: 16.12€