Weighing Scale Parts

Weighing Scale Parts

Weighing Scale Parts

The Weighing Scale Parts category is especially created for the extreme users among us. Here you will find spare batteries of your old one run out. These are pretty easy to replace so don't worry about buying a new weighing scale.
Scales are used for measuring your stuff, to make sure you won't give too much to your customers or you don't put too much sugar in your cake.
We also got Calibration weights if you need to re-calibrate your weighing scale for some reason, we offer these in 50 gr. 100 gr. 200 gr. 500 gr. and 1000 gr.
Try our Weighing cup set or bowl to measure your powders or buds, this way you won't spill anything of it and it prevents stuff from falling off your weighing scale.

If you only need some batteries or calibration weights, then you are at the right place ! Order your Weighing Scale Parts today and start weighing again once you have received your parts.

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Battery Button CR 2032

DescriptionReplacement battery for all devices that uses CR 2032 batteriesAdditional InfoSpecificati..

Ex Tax: 1.65€

Battery mini Button Lr44

DescriptionFor devices that require ultimate miniaturization, these pill-sized mini button batteries..

Ex Tax: 2.07€

Calibration weight 100 gr.

DescriptionCalibration weight 100 gr. made out of stainless steel to weigh your productsAdditional I..

Ex Tax: 3.31€

Calibration weight 200 gr..

DescriptionThis test weight is 200 g in weight. Ideal for use with many portable and pocket scales. ..

Ex Tax: 6.20€

Calibration weight 50 gr.

DescriptionThis 50 gram cylindrical weight has an accuracy of +/- 10 milligrams (0.01 grams). Use th..

Ex Tax: 2.89€

SCM 5000 bowl

DescriptionThis bowl allows you to measure large quantities at once. It’s very sturdy, and very easy..

Ex Tax: 6.20€

Calibrationweight 1000Gr

DescriptionThis weight does not rust. Really—as long as you keep it in a dry place, it stays in perf..

Ex Tax: 20.62€

Calibrationweight 500Gr

DescriptionMeasures perfectly, to a tee! Make sure your measurements are accurate… in this line of w..

Ex Tax: 13.18€

Weighingcup Set

DescriptionThis full set of 5 standard weighing cups will fit all your needs.Perfect for weighing lo..

Ex Tax: 4.09€


DescriptionCalibration is critical in my line of work, and these weights are extremely accurate. I’v..

Ex Tax: 28.88€