Weed Grinders

Weed Grinders

Weed Grinders

A weed grinder is a tool to grind up your cannabis in tiny shredded pieces so that the marijuana will burn better. A real cannabis lover has always a grinder laying around. Its a must have for the cannabis enthusiast. Cannabis, weed grinders are the perfect way to shred your favorite herb. Whether its a plastic, wooden or metal one all weed grinders function the same way. Pick your bud into smaller pieces and place them in your marijuana grinder of choice. Then simply twist the bottom and top parts in the opposite way and your cannabis will be grinded/shredded into a fine almost powder material which makes it much more easy to roll your joint or place it in a bong bowl. Because of the fine material the active compounds in cannabis are released quicker so the effect will be more intense and you will take full advantage of the powerful herb called cannabis. If you use other herbs for smoking you can always use the weed grinder for your own favorite herb. 

Different shape and material weed grinders. 

The main differences between various grinders are:

  • Material: Metal/aluminium, Wood, Acrylic
  • Grinding teeth: Diamond shapes, steel pins, Blades/cutters, rasp
  • Parts: Flat grinder, 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, 5 part grinders
  • Usage: Manual or automatic

There are weed grinders for anyone's needs. You can find weed grinder made from Metal/aluminium, wood, acrylic and even automatic ones for the lazy stoner. The biggest difference between weed grinders are the parts and grinding teeth. Steel pins will tear apart the cannabis while blades/cutters, diamond shape teeth and rasp will cut the marijuana. If you want to buy a weed grinder you can select different grinders in size. This is called parts. For example a 2 part grinder exist of 2 part. A top part and bottom part. A 3 part or higher grinder will include a screen. This function as a screen and in the bottom part you will find a small reservoir for the pollen or kief. Many users save up the pollen and when the reservoir is full they use this to make a extremely potent joint or bowl bong hit. Nowadays you can find grinders in the shape of hamburgers, skulls, batteries, footballs, cookies etc. For the smoker who constantly is on the travel you might try out the flat grinders or credit card grinders. These grinders fit in your wallet so that everywhere you go you have a small grinder with you. If you are not convinced yet check out the other benefits of owning a weed grinder.  

Benefits of a weed grinder

Looks / flavour / odor: Picking cannabis with your fingers wont give you that wonderful smell of aromas. By using a weed grinder you create a large surface area that simply releases a amazing smell and flavour. You can genuine smell the different strains of cannabis with their own scent and taste. And let's be honest, those handpicked cannabis lumps are the worst for rolling a nice joint.

​Saving time: Picking apart cannabis with your hands can be quite the hassle. Not only will all parts stick to you fingers, it will also take some time to tear apart your bud into fine pieces. The biggest problem is that the THC will stick on your fingers. With a weed grinder you simply place your marijuana in the weed grinder, twist a couple of times and you are ready to go.. or to roll.  

Efficiency/potency: You can smoke, vaporize or eat cannabis. But in all cases its best when you grind your marijuana. In this way you maximize the surface area which provides a nice and even burning/combustion of the material. In this case the active compounds like THC will release faster in the smoke. 

​Saving costs: Because of the better combustion and increase of potency you will need less cannabis in a joint or bongbowl

Kief/pollen: If you use a 3 or 4 piece weed grinder, it should have a kief catcher.  Kief/pollen refers to the trichomes (the resin glands, ‘crystals’) which is the more pure & potent part of the plant and what’s used to make hash.  After a couple of weeks you’ll have a nice little pile of kief.  Just sprinkle some on top of your marijuana for an extra kick or smoke it straight for a wild ride.  Some of the higher-end grinders even come with ‘pollen presses’ for some homemade hash.