Fun grinders

Fun grinders

Fun grinders

Fun grinders are here to help you enjoy your favorite herbs, whenever you are going through tough times these little funny grinders are there to give you a reason to smile again.
Our fun grinders come in lots of different styles and colors, for example the Cookie Grinder, Bud Bug grinder, Bullet Grinder and Hamburger Grinder are very popular nowadays.
Some Fun Grinders do even come with multiple compartments, this is handy because the filter between these compartments helps you to separate the herbs from the really fine stuff which contains a lot of THC (Kief).

One of our famous newcomer is the Bud Bug Grinder, this sweet toy is a fully electric grinder which literally "poops" out your finely grind herbs.
With this sweet funny grinder in your house you wil definitely seek some attention from other people and are also able to share a laugh with them.

Don't wait any longer to place your order, before you know we are running out of stock.

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Weed grinder | 2 part | Cookie| Aluminum | Ø 50 mm

DescriptionWoah, how cute are these? But in addition to that, they’re also very effective. I grind b..

Ex Tax: 4.09€

Weed grinder | 3 part | grenade | Aluminum

Description Hand Grenade Aluminium GrinderThe 3 Part Hand Grenade Aluminium Grinder is made for..

Ex Tax: 7.02€
Weed grinder | 3 part | Gun barrel | Aluminum | polinator | Ø 40 mm Out Of Stock

Weed grinder | 3 part | Gun barrel | Aluminum | polinator | Ø 40 mm

DescriptionI know this is intended as a “fun” grinder, but I actually find the design quite sleek. P..

Ex Tax: 4.92€

Weed grinder | 3 part | hamburger | Aluminum | polinator | Ø 55 mm

DescriptionAmusing or grotesque, we’re undecided. This mini-hamburger will certainly not prompt a ca..

Ex Tax: 4.92€

Weed grinder | 4 part | Beercan | Aluminum | polinator | Ø 50 mm

DescriptionWith zero-percent alcohol (in fact, zero-percent beer), this miniature beer can is foolin..

Ex Tax: 7.85€

Weed grinder | 4 part | Gold | Aluminum | Ø 50 mm

Description Golden Weed grinderA super cool golden weed grinder, obviously not made from real gold b..

Ex Tax: 9.88€
Weed grinder | 2 part | Soccerball | Acryl Out Of Stock

Weed grinder | 2 part | Soccerball | Acryl

DescriptionAs a football fan, I can appreciate this! I also can appreciate the dual chamber system—o..

Ex Tax: 2.07€