Black Leaf bong | Red crab | 28.5cm

Black Leaf bong | Red crab | 28.5cm

Black Leaf bong | Red crab | 28.5cm

The handmade robust percolator bubbler from the Black Leaf brand has an amazing eye catcher in the middle!

Meet the Red Crab!

This bong has a height of 28.5cm and is perfect to smoke your favorite herbs. As there is no kickhole, the bowl is equipped with a flat handle so you can lift it easy without burning your fingers.

The shower head percolator makes great water swirls and air flow to provide an extra cooling effect and filters the smoke. With a sturdy base, your bubbler is in a safe position.

The bong can also be used to smoke BHO but you will need a banger or an adapter with an oil nail and dome. (you can find this in our online headshop, in the oil category).


  • Borosilicated glass
  • Height: 28.5cm
  • Grind: SG18.8mm
  • Percolator: Showerhead percolator
  • Crab Design
  • Black Leaf logo

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