Quartz thermal banger 14mm Female | Yellow | Thermochomic

Out Of Stock Quartz thermal banger 14mm Female | Yellow | Thermochomic

Quartz thermal banger 14mm Female | Yellow | Thermochomic

The banger can be used on a bong, bubbler, rig or water pipe with a 14mm male connection (SG).

Due to the 90 degree angle, we recommend using it only on a water pipe with a connection straight up.

For a banger to connect to a normal water pipe, it is best to use the quartz models. These quartz models can also be found in our oil bongs category.

This thermochromic banger changes it's color when heating up. The yellow sand will change from yellow to orange to red indicating the temperature of the nail. Heat up the nail until it turns red, then let it cool down until it has a nice orange color. 

  • Red is hot
  • Orange is perfect
  • Yellow is cold


Place the banger on your water pipe and use a torch lighter to heat the bottom of the banger. As soon as it is red-hot, wait a few seconds before placing the bho (butane honey oil) with a dabber in the middle. The evaporation will start immediately as soon as the bho touches the warm underside!

PAY ATTENTION! Make sure you only heat the bottom, otherwise the banger can break through the heat!


  • SG14F (14.5mm female)
  • Quartz glass
  • 90 °
  • Yellow color processed in the banger for temperature heat

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