Maya Gold | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Maya Gold | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Maya Gold | Sumo Seeds | 3 seeds

Maya gold feminized cannabis seeds

Maya gold is one of our outdoor cannabis strains. She can be grown in almost every climate because of her resistance against mold and colder climates. She will be ready to harvest even in colder climates in mid-September. Maya gold is created by crossbreeding Malawi Gold ( African heritage)  X Early Pearl ( USA, California heritage) which resulted in Early Gold and then further crossbreed it with an offspring of an Early Sativa and Power Haze XL ( power plant, African heritage) named the Power Sativa. In this manner we could create a very stable sativa strain great for outdoor growing.  An ideal cannabis strain for people who want to grow a sativa strain in the more northern countries where the summers are colder. She is very mold and disease resistant. Now you can grow your own “gold” buds.

Type: 15% indica 85% sativa
Genetic Background: Early gold x Power sativa
Flowering time: No indoor possible
Harvest month:  march-September
Zone outdoor: A,B,C
Height Indoor: no indoor possible
Height Outdoor: 200 – 250 cm
Yield Indoor: no indoor possible
Yield Outdoor: 600 - 1000 gr
Effect: long lasting uplifting high
taste: Fruity/sweet, spicy/pepper
THC: high
CBD: low

Flowering time and appearance
Maya gold isn’t suitable for growing indoors because of her extreme height. She can only be grown outdoors and she will be ready to harvest as early as mid-September. In sunny areas she can be harvested in the beginning of September. As already mentioned she grows in a very tall cannabis plant with a height of 200 to 250cm. She has a typical sativa appearance, narrow and stretched. Very easy to trim due to its high flower to leaf ratio.

Yield indoor/outdoor
A great outdoor yielder. You can easily harvest a good 600 to 1000 grams per plant in sunny climates. Placing her directly in the soil will increase her harvest. She is very mold and disease resistant. A very stable and potent outdoor sativa cannabis plant. Easy to grow and doesn’t need lots of care.

Effect + THC + CBD
Nice sativa long lasting and uplifting high. Great strain for during daytime. Gives a mild boost of energy. Her THC level is in the higher regions whilst the CBD level is low. 

Taste and odor:
Nice taste of fruity and pepper combined. A favorite in our outdoor collection. 

TypeSativa Dominant
Yield outdoorSuper high
Height outdoorSuper high
Harvest month outdoorseptember

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