Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs

Totally the hype of the year!

BHO smoking in a special pipe that has been specially made for this!

Other words for BHO are: Wax, Crumble, Shatter, Dab, Slab, resin, extract, oil.

These pipes are much smaller than a normal bong. This gives you an advantage over the air you inhale.

The air supply is smaller so that you can inhale the smoke more quickly as soon as the oil reaches the heated nail.

This nail you have in different types of material such as: ceramic, titanium, quartz glass, and metal.

We recommend dabbing with a titanium or quartz glass! This ensures a much softer and even combustion of the oil.

Most bongs are sold completely, so be sure to check whether everything you need is available!

All you need is a good torch burner and water to fill your bong, and of course your favorite bho!

There are many and nice models so check out our latest models and contact us if you want information about an oil pipe or oilrig.

Happy dabbing!