Dabbing Tools

Dabbing Tools

Make your own Dab Oil Bong

Making your own Dab Oil Bong is what most people do nowadays, you can make your own dab oil bong with the right accessories.
Therefore you will need a nail where the concentrate evaporates on. This nail can be made out of crystal, titanium or ceramic.
Normally a dome is necessary so that the fumes doesn't evaporate. However, there are dome nails which are designed so that a dome superfluous is.

Dabbing parts

We sell different kinds of accessoires for when you are starting with dabbing but also for the experienced dabber. For a good dabbing experience you will need several tools like:

  • Fire torch
  • Dabber tool
  • Oil nail
  • Butane gas
  • Silicone jar

Also make sure that you use the right tools for these activities, that way you won't end up with some broken or molten tools.
All your dabbing accessoires can be bought online, the only thing you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your package.
You can buy all your accessoires at our online shop, we have got plenty of stock to fill your needs.

Rosin Tech

For starting with your first Rosin Tech you will need several tools like a hair straightener, Parchment papers and a Silicone jar to put in your dabs.
Rosin Tech is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get yourself some nice dabs. Firstly you'll take your buds and some parchment paper, fold the parchment paper double, place your buds between the parchment paper and grab your hair straightener.
Then push the parchment papers with the buds in it between the two heated ceramic plates from your hair straightener and press as hard as you can, you could also use your table to get some more strong hold on the hair straightener if 
After pressing hard for a few seconds you will notice that the bud is squashed and the "liquid" comes out of your buds, this so called "liquid" is attached to your parchment paper and can be smoked right away,enjoy your home made dabs !

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Turbo Torch | Grace Glass |XL Out Of Stock

Turbo Torch | Grace Glass |XL

Grace Glass made this XL lighter for heating your oil nail or banger.Firm lighter with an adjustable..

Ex Tax: 29.71€
Whip-it butane gas | 5 x Refined Out Of Stock

Whip-it butane gas | 5 x Refined

The best butane on the market!Whip-it!Purified 5x times through active carbon chambers that refine i..

Ex Tax: 2.89€

Black Leaf Silly Dabber Tool 10.8 CM

DescriptionThis is a precision dabber tool for using with your oil and concentrates.It is made of 10..

Ex Tax: 7.02€

Black Leaf T2 | Titanium Dabber

Description Black Leaf T2 Titanium DabberThis tool made of high quality titanium can be used fo..

Ex Tax: 16.49€

Black Leaf Titanium Filling Dabber

DescriptionThis tool made of high quality titanium can be used for oil, wax and herbs. Oil or concen..

Ex Tax: 19.79€

Double Dabber Tool 12.5CM

DescriptionThis is a precision double dabber tool for handling your oil and concentrates.It is a 12...

Ex Tax: 14.88€

Happy Daddy 'Baby Buddah' Hash Oil Spoon

DescriptionThis essential oil spoon is designed as a cleaning tool, but rather to reach inside stand..

Ex Tax: 11.16€

Hash Oil Tool

DescriptionThis concentrate and cleaning utensil is made by titan grade 2 which makes it very heat-r..

Ex Tax: 11.53€

Precision Dabber Tool 11CM

DescriptionThis is a precision dabber tool for handling your oil and concentrates.It is a 11cm titan..

Ex Tax: 16.49€
HASH MAKER Cannabis Oil Extractor Out Of Stock

HASH MAKER Cannabis Oil Extractor

DescriptionDon’t let the directions scare you, the HM oil extractor isn’t nearly as dangerous as it ..

Ex Tax: 13.18€

Cold Water Hash Extractor Bags 3.8L, Set of 2

DescriptionThese really do the job. The hash you will get from them is optimal—NO remnants. Or you c..

Ex Tax: 33.02€
Lighter | Turbo Torch Out Of Stock

Lighter | Turbo Torch

DescriptionThis lighter works like a charm, is easy to refill, exceptionally sturdy, you name it!Add..

Ex Tax: 12.36€
Lighter | Volcan-Fire Micro Torch Out Of Stock

Lighter | Volcan-Fire Micro Torch

DescriptionThe 'Volcan-Fire Micro Torch' is a storm resistant lighter with blue gas flame (jetflame)..

Ex Tax: 7.85€

D-lux BHO Small

DescriptionWhen you’re looking for an extractor, what do you want? An effective, easy to use, easy t..

Ex Tax: 49.55€

Parchment Paper | RAW | Roll 30 cm x 10 m

Description RAW Parchment PaperRaw Parchment paper can be used for making your own dabs, use th..

Ex Tax: 7.02€