Dabbing vaporizers

Dabbing vaporizers

Dabbing vaporizers

Dabbing Vaporizers are used for one propose: smoking your favorite dabs. 
Dabs is a method of consumption, in this method the concentrates of cannabis are used to make a very sticky substance.
This substance is made by extracting THC and  Cannabinoids using a solvent like for example butane gas of carbon dioxide.
While processing your buds with one of these 2 you will get a sticky oil which can be referred to wax, shatter, budder, and BHO Extract (Butane Hash Oil).

It's also possible to extract some of the compounds to make other substances, using this method for example you can make THC-free oils/salves to use when you experience various pains.
These oils/salves are used by patients that wants to enjoy the benefits of marihuana but doesn't want to experience the effects of THC, therefore these THC-free products are invented.

Benefits of using a vaporizer

Vaporizers are mostly used to smoke dabs "on the go". Because this is a very fast and easy way to smoke your weed, and no one will notice that you are smoking it because it looks like a regular E-Cigarette.

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