Puffco Plus vaporizer

Puffco Plus vaporizer

Puffco Plus vaporizer

The Puffco Plus is the first pocket-sized nail to make it accessible to a large audience. The spiral-free room works the same as a ceramic nail.

Puffco Plus design

The room is made without glue or exposed metal so you are assured of the ultimate concentration experience. A typical feature of the Puffco Plus is the mouthpiece in which an arrow is incorporated. It functions as a loading tool and minimizes splashing and the accumulation of concentrate.

The Puffco Plus has a length of 13 cm. The 520mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is efficiently used to produce instant vapors.

The Puffco Pro is intended for use with concentrates and waxy oils. Not to be used with herbs, resin or e-liquids.

Puffco Plus update

Puffco Plus has received a few clever additions:

15% longer battery life

Handy shaped dart

New design - With a silver-colored housing and a newly designed button.

Three temperature settings + Sesh method

Puffco Plus has three temperature settings:

Green = empty (304 ℃)

Blue = medium (343 ℃)

White = high (382 ℃)

Double click on the cloud button to activate the Sesh method at any heat level. This results in 12 seconds of continuous vapor.


1 Puffco Plus vaporizer

1 extra ceramic heat chamber

1 usb super charger

1 box of cleaning sticks

1 manual

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