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Bukket pipe

DescriptionExperience the BUKKET - a new revolutionary waterless, portable gravity bong, based on th..

26.95€ Ex Tax: 22.27€

Microscope 45x with LED

DescriptionConvenient and compact microscope, making it ideal to take along. The microscope can magn..

13.75€ Ex Tax: 11.36€
Buddies | Sifterbox | Large Out Of Stock

Buddies | Sifterbox | Large

The Sifterbox by Buddies was made to sift your favorite herbs.Each box contains a low micron mono-fi..

29.95€ Ex Tax: 24.75€

Chillum | Glass | black | Black leaf | 150mm

DescriptionThis Blackleaf chillum is a great first-time user’s chillum—it’s inexpensive, easy to cle..

12.50€ Ex Tax: 10.33€

Chillum | glass | sandblasted | 10 cm

DescriptionThis metal box is comparable to the greens of this earth. Very easy to work with, cool lo..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.20€

Chillum | glass | sandblasted | 15 cm

DescriptionIf you’re looking for a new and unique smoking product, this chillum is perfect for you. ..

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.85€

Chillum | glass | sandblasted | 20 cm

DescriptionThe chillum is a staple of the Rasta movement, but you don’t have to be Rasta to enjoy th..

11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.50€

Chillum | stone | 14 cm

DescriptionChillums are portable and convenient and SIMPLE. They come with few parts, making them ea..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.20€

Chillum | wood | 15 cm

DescriptionThis great wooden chillum feels very back-to-basics. The guys in India who invented chill..

6.50€ Ex Tax: 5.37€
Chillum | wood | 20 cm Out Of Stock

Chillum | wood | 20 cm

DescriptionThis wooden chillum is perfect if you’re looking to replicate an authentic Rastafarian ch..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 3.72€

Chillum| Stone | 10 cm

DescriptionA beautiful little piece of smoking paraphernalia that we highly recommend to anyone look..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 3.72€
Dank Hygrometer | Glass Jar Out Of Stock

Dank Hygrometer | Glass Jar

Awesome stash/jar for your herbs.Wooden lid with build-in hygrometer and completely hermetic closed..

14.95€ Ex Tax: 12.36€
Dank Magnifying LED| Glass Jar | Black Out Of Stock

Dank Magnifying LED| Glass Jar | Black

Awesome stash/jar for your herbs.Glass jar with 5x Magnifying and led.What is more interesting than..

22.95€ Ex Tax: 18.97€
DigitalSpa Mask -10%

DigitalSpa Mask

DescriptionDesigned for use with the Vapir ONE Digital Vaporizer, this comfortable spa mask fits mos..

39.95€ 35.95€ Ex Tax: 29.71€
Dr. Dabber Budder cutter Out Of Stock

Dr. Dabber Budder cutter

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is made to cut through the stickiest oil and wax.The heat source is pre..

48.95€ Ex Tax: 40.45€