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This versatile pipe starts out at 9.5 cm long and extends like a telescope to 15 cm, nearly 6 inches long! With any ordinary lighter, the Vape-Lifter can be lit from underneath and used as a vaporizer pipe, or lit from the front and used as a regular one-hitter pipe. It requires no electricity, so it's easy to carry in your pocket and perfect to pass around! The Vape-Lifter and Black Leaf logos are applied along the side of the pipe, and it comes packed in a colorful box for storage or to give as a gift. One metal gauze is included.

Additional Info

In the world of one hit pipes, the Vape Lifter is the small multi-functional pipe that gives you two options for enjoying your favorite herbs. When you are traveling it can be difficult to bring all the comforts from home with you, so you are prepared for every situation. With the glass vape pipe called the Vape Lifter you will have a multifunctional pipe that lets you smoke or vaporize your favorite herbs in one small, pocket sized design.

The multifunctional design of the Vape Lifter is what makes this glass vape vaporizer one of the best one hitter pipes for sale. There are three components to the design of the Vape Lifter:

  • The mouthpiece which can be collapsed in for a quick smoke or pulled out for vaporizing

  • The body of the Vape Lifter

  • The reservoir with a screen where you place your favorite herbs

To use the Vape Lifter as a pipe for smoking, you simply light the end and draw on the mouthpiece — to use it as a vaporizer you pull out the mouthpiece and heat underneath the herbs to release the vapors.

When you’re ready to travel, don’t leave home without the conveniences of the Vape Lifter. The result? You can enjoy your favorite herb whenever and however the mood strikes you! Purchase one of our Vape Lifters and enjoy that experience!


  • Pure one-hitter pipe and an evaporator
  • Require the use of a lighter
  • Easy
  • Practical
  • Brand: Black Leaf
  • Construction: 2x glass tubes, 1x mesh, 1x clear rubber seal
  • Material: Borosilicate (Pyrex) heat-proof glass
  • Length: L 95-150mm
Warm-up time1-2 min
Adjustable temperatureNo
Portable / TabletopPortable
Suitable forHerbs
Way of heatingGas

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