PLENTY Vaporizer

PLENTY Vaporizer

PLENTY Vaporizer


When you are looking for home appliances to meet your home’s vaporizing needs then look no further than the Plenty vaporizer. This vaporizer can tackle any vaporizing job you have for it to do. We can all remember times in our life when we were stuck without a vaporizer and had to build or improvise in order to enjoy our favorite leaves.

Now with the Plenty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel, you never will be caught in that situation again.

In the comfort of your own home you should never have to improvise when you want to enjoy your favorite herbs, leaves or tobacco and the Plenty handheld vaporizer will be there available whenever you need it.

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Features and Components

When you purchase the Plenty Vape you will receive the entire self-contained unit that was designed and built by Storz & Bickel. The unit consists of a handle, a heating cartridge, temperature gage, and a flexible tubing mouthpiece and is colored in black in orange. The handle is separated from the heating cartridge to reduce the heat you will feel while holding the Plenty vape. The Plenty Vape is electric powered and requires an electrical outlet in order to be used —making it a great household appliance that can handle your vaporizing needs.

The Plenty Vape is designed with only high quality materials so that you will never get a foreign taste with your vaporizing that could ruin your enjoyment. The final step to enjoying your favorite herbs is to draw them up through the mouthpiece after the vaporizer has thoroughly and efficiently heated them up.


Using the Plenty Vape is simple and easy to do and with a few short steps you will be enjoying your favorite vapors. The first step is to remove the flexible tubing mouthpiece from the unit which slides out of the opening on the top. Second, open the canister and add your favorite herbs, leaves, weed or tobacco that you will be vaporizing. The third step is to reseal the canister and re-attach the mouthpiece tube. Turn the unit on and select the temperature that you prefer. The Plenty Vape will heat your herbs inside the efficient double helix design of the internal heat exchanger and prepare vapor for you to inhale — anywhere from 130 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius. The simple and easy to use design of the Plenty Vape means that you can quickly and easily enjoy your favorite products with just a few simple steps.

If you're looking for the ideal vaporizer to add to your home collection, then look no further than the Plenty Vape. It will mean that you have found the ideal vaporizer to add to your home appliances. The Plenty Vape comes from the same well-known designers that make the Volcano Plenty handheld vaporizer —so quality and reliability have been designed into this handy vaporizer.


  • From the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer, Storz & Bickel
  • This vaporizer has a helical stainless steel whip for some cooler air and a more efficient evaporation caused
  • Adjustable temperature of between 130 ° C and 200 ° C
  • High performance heater
  • Materials that are food safe and neutral in taste
  • Double helix heat exchanger
  • Switches off automatically
Warm-up time1-2 min
Adjustable temperatureYes
Portable / TabletopTabletop
Suitable forHerbs & Oil
Way of heatingElectric

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