Volcano EASY VALVE Digital

Volcano EASY VALVE Digital

Volcano EASY VALVE Digital


One thing that the Volcano EASY VALVE Digital Vaporizer has in common with a real volcano: They both explode. But we don’t mean explode as in burn down a village, but we mean this new vaporizer will explode with some of the best flavor and power in its high you’ve ever had.

One problem with vaporizing is that it too often relies on old techniques to give you that wonderful high, without building new traditions and inroads.

After all, the best highs didn’t come by doing the same old same old.

Additional Info

The Volcano Easy Valve Digital has been reviewed as one of the best in giving the customer and the user exactly what they wanted! If you decide to have a vaporizing session with a balloon, this system is easy to use and forces the balloon to fill up with the best product and the perfect flavor. And what are you doing? Watching a simple digital screen and changing the product as necessary with a few clicks of a button. It doesn’t get much easier than this —and that’s one of the reasons that since 2000 this German made vaporizer has dominated the market. It is the vaporizer that other vaporizers are compared to when the quality of a product is brought up or challenged. The digital volcano goes against the classic head to head, easily bringing you the same quality highs that the old classic used to bring, but now in the shiny new packaging and ease of use that all the twenty first century is so proud of.

The system comes to you with all the packages and parts pre-assembled. A few different balloon sizes and a few quality products and within minutes you’ll be enjoying a fine vaporizing session. Replacement sets can be found online and are very easy to purchase. Now the Volcano EASY VALVE Digital vaporizer is not arguing that it's the cheapest on the market —and of course not! Does Mercedes Benz argue it's the cheapest car? This product was not tested and re-tested in laboratories and by the best German engineers and scientists to argue it would be of cheap quality. No, this is a vaporizer for those who want the best and only vaporizer they will ever use again.

The product has an air pump, a heat accumulator, and one of a kind valve technology to create some of the best vaporizing highs ever known for mankind. If you want to have a piece of this one of a kind high adventure then you need to check out what we are offering you!


  • 5 balloons with mouthpieces "Easy Valve"
  • 1 "Easy Valve" filling chamber for herbs
  • 6 screens
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 sponge iron to vaporize liquids
  • 1 grinder
  • English manual
  • 2 years warranty
Warm-up time2-5 min
Adjustable temperatureYes
Portable / TabletopTabletop
Suitable forHerbs & Oil
Way of heatingElectric

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